Body Therapy

Breast firming Cream:

Biogically active cream that reaffirms breast tissue preventing its relaxating and restoring strenght and beauty to the breast.

Lanolin Cream

Cream for treating streach marks. The application of this cream for vitamin quialities deeply nourishes the tissues making them retain their natural elasticity and flexibility while maintaining good skin.

Lierre Cream

Anti-cellulite cream, which bu the action of its components, reinforced by the ivy extract, reduces the accumulation of fat, shapes the body and restores its harmony and smoothness.

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Firming Cream

Firming cream that regenerates and reactivates the deep tissues, restoring tone and firming the skin. Essential when woman following a weight loss treatment and after childbirth.

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Massage Cream Nº2

Neutral cream massage that helps to eliminate toxins blanket application of the sweat lodge or sauna.

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Body Milk

Milk to body care that moisturizes and softnes the skin, leaving a glossy appearance and providing a protective layer throughout the day. It is also indicate for after waxing as hydrates and restores skin acid mantle, leaving a feeling of freshness.

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Anti-cellulite Body Mik

Milk for body care reinforced with vegetable extacts that prevent and reduce considerably the appearance of cellulite and moisturizes and softens the skin.

Marine complex anti-cellulite

Ideal massage oil complete anti-cellulite treatments in the cabin, recommended for the realization of lymphatic drainage. It is easily absorbed helping the disappearance of cellulite nodules.

Marine complex firming

Ideal for firming treatments complete the cabin and in addition al home. It helps reduce sagging skin.

Treatment of foot – Reflexology

Foot Cream

Moisturizing massage and foot care. For its antiseptic action combats fungus and bacterium eliminating odors.

Dermal antiseptic(Spray)

Dermal desinfectant that fights fungus and bacterium.

Foot Powder:

Powders applied directly onto the feet or inside the footwear. Deodorizes, cool and remove the odor and fungus. It is effective on tired feet.