Facial Creams


Carotene cream (dry skin)

Nourishing cream enriched with vitamins A and E. It gives your skin a rich and active power preserving it from dehydration. With its vitamins, combat the harmful effects of free radicals.

Anti-wrinkle pollen cream (dry skin)

Anti-wrinkle cream with lots of vital substances, selected pollen extract and propolis oil. Due to the simultaneus action of its components, rejuvenates skin tissue reducing the depth of wrinkles and delaying the emergence of new ones.

Camphor cream (greasy skin)

Due to its astringent action is especially recommended for seborrheic skin with with remarkable hyperkeratosys. Its disinfectant power decreases bacterial flora, proliferation of acne and blemishes.

Dermazulene cream (dry and mixed skin)

Due to its high content of azulene has a soothing and decongestant action. It is ideal for environmentally sensitive skins.

Raspberry cream (dry and mixed skin)

The joint action of its active ingredients (raspberry and vitamins A and C), it prevents dehydrataion, fights hypotonia of the capillares (redness) and nourishes deeply.

Mink oil dream (dry skin):

Mink oil cream enhances the elasticity restoring vitality to the face. It maintains in a good state the structure of the skin, softening it and allowing you to retain a velvety appearance.

Collagen cream (flaccid skin)

Collagen helps to attenuate the disruption of the elastic fibers of the connective tissue and keep the most of their ability to fix the water inside, being necessary to be contributed from the outside using a biologically active product.


P4 moisturizing cream:

Composed by active wetting ensuring deep penetration and water retention in the epidermis. It balances the functional changes of the skin

Mousturizing make up

Cream colour base that enhances the natural hydrolipidic skin, responsible for regulating the degree of hydration. It stabilizes the water inside the cells and its titanium dioxide content; it forms a protective barrier against external aggressions.

Stain Treatment

Creme Despigmentante

The vitamin C prevents the formation of free radicals, and stimulates skin defenses the synthesis of collagen, it is an antioxidant and together with uva-ursi performs depigmenting a function.