Angel Luxury Skin

Body Care for the skin that converts into a fine velvety layer and provokes a state of well-being and relaxatio.. Ginseng, Guarana, White Tea, … its touch and incredible aroma make this a unique experience

  • Phase 1:  “Body White Peeling” is a gentle yet extremely effective body scrub, to get a deep cleanse of the skin and begin relaxing. Its perfect texture allows us to continue the exfoliation phase until the skin is at its ideal point.
  • Phase 2“White Angel” is the phase where the skin will get all the nutrients from the treatment. “White Angel” is an emulsified mud enriched with natural active ingredients such as white tea, guarana and white ginseng root. It is applied on the body through light massage to help the nutrients penetrate. Once applied the body is covered with film and the product is left to stand for 20 or 30 minutes. After this time, we will remove the layer with the shower, or, with a spatula and any traces are cleaned with warm moist sponges.
  • Phase 3“Body Soft Massage” is applied amply to the area where the treatment has been performed with soft broad strokes, achieving relaxation. Only a small amount of “Soft Body Massage” in needed in order to perform extensive manipulation in a short time with a pleasant experience.