Cleansing Milks and Tonics

Cleansing Milks

Raspberry milk (dry and mixed skin)

Soft cleanser for dry and fragile skin. Due to its contains in raspberry extract and vitamins, it prevents dehydratation.

Mink oil milk (dry skin)

Cleanser made by mink oil, which provides moisture and softness to skin.

Cmaphor milk (greasy skin)

Normalizing cleansing of oily and seborrheic skin. It helps clarify these skins tone, retaining its elasticity and leaving matt.

Lime milk (sensitive)

Descongestant and soothing cleanser, suitable for application to skin with cooperas.


Camphor lotion (greasy skin)

This lotion tones and normalizes greasy skin, fighting excess of seborrheic secretion.

Azulene lotion (sensitive skin)

Essential in sensitive and congested skin treatments. It clams and decongest quickly.

Raspberry lotion (dry and mixed skin)

The extract of raspberry gives to skin wetting properties, so necessary for all kin of skin.

Firming tonic (flaccid skin)

Body and face tonic made of vegetal extract with high power stimulant to flabby and tired skin.

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