Essence Line


Carrot extracts cream (sensitive)

Treatment cream whose basic composition is the carrot extract, along with magnesium and zinc oxide. The contribution of these elements to hypersensitive skin promotes blood activity level of the capillaries, easing the skins with copperas.

Collagen & Ginseng cream (regenerative)

Collage nis one of the main proteins in the dermis, so that the biological fusion of this element, with the active ingredients of ginseng accelerates proliferation of cells and maintains permanent hydration.

Creme lypo super hydratant (dry skin)

Moisturizing cream double action by the specific combination of wetting and lipids enriched with lipocarote. It reconstitutes the water reservoir by its fxation in the epidermis, while acting as a buffer hygroscopic.

Fresh cells cream

Rejuvenating treatment cream enriched with vitamins A and E and fibrostimuline, it accelerates cell renewal and stimulates tired cells.

Hydrovital aloe vera cream (suitable all skin)

Its penetrating action in the deeper layers of the skin, its natural nutrients, mineras, amino acids and vitamins, stimulate cell growth and regeneration.

Aloe vera gel (suitable all skins)

Gel suitable for all skin types, excellent cell regenerator that accelerates the repair of the damage to the epidermis due to the high concentration of aloe vera. Moisturizer, emollient and epithelializing.

Collageno special treatment

Collagen veil (moisturizing & regenerative)

This veil is a white sheet, finely porous, consisting of native collagen fibers is 100%. No preservatives, perfume or chemical fasteners between the fibers constituting the sheet.

Floralys (moisturizer)

Balsamic water that tones, moisturizes, soothes and reflects body and facial expressions. It is ideal to apply daily on the face and body once or twice a day

Soya Treatment

Hydrovital soya cream

The natural components of soya (minerals, amino acids and vitamins) stimulate cell growth and regeneration. It prevents sunspots, calms and soothes irritations. It is essential to obtain significant results, used jointly hydrovital soya serum mask and soya Hydrovital.

Argan oil line

Argan oil cream

Made of argan oil rich in essential grease acids and vitamin E. It softens, moisturizes and provides elasticity to the skin. It has great regenerative effect.

Argan oil 100% pure

Compound in an 80% essential fatty acids, phytosterols and contains a high amount of tocopherols. It can be used to relieve sunburn and dermatological shortcomings.