Biological Serums

Serum Cheval (firming)

Serum rich in proteins and minerals in prooportions perfectly adapted to the needs of the skin. It is particulary well absorbed by the epidermis and increased metabolic exchanges exerting their action on the fibers of the connective tissue, avoiding progressive muscle atrophy.

Dermazulene blisters (sensitive skin)

Blisters suitable for hypersensitive skin, which submit intolerance to many products or greasy irritated skin and to attenuate and clean and signals of acne.

Tissue extract tangerines (greasy skin)

The extracts contained in these blisters act as regulators of water-lipid elements and vitalizing action added to the natural elements, give an extraordinary action oily skin suffering poor hydration by excess sebum secretion.

Complex anti-wrinkles (audace)

The quantity of minerals and amino acids are esential for good hydration and nutrition while giving softness and radiance to the face. effectely combat wrinkles and sagging.

Tissue extract raspberry (moisturizer)

It is indicated for dry and dehydrated skins to balancing the pH stabilizing their metabolism.

Complex collagen serum (regenerative)

With a high concentration of collagen hydrolizate shaped, associated witch hazel extract vital, so they form a complex that stimulates the production of new collagen. It resets the skin´s water content and returns the tisue elasticity.

Colloidal serum (moisturizer & regenerative)

This serum containing a magnesium component with ant-flocculant action, wich associated to a solution of plant extracts nourish tissue glycoproteins enhancing its vitality.

Serum fermete vital “Fresh cells” (moisturizer & regenerative)

Intensive treatment of rejuvenation to renew, regenerate, maintain, nurture and prevention, facilitating biogolical exchanges.