SPA Line

Massage oil (Rosemary, Lavender, Rose, Lime and orange blossom)

These oils are designed to perform a long handling with no loss of viscosity. Made with a neutral basis and different oils for massages, according to different needs.

Oil gel “Vichy shower”

Excellent oil for massages under Vichy Shower, due to its viscosity prevents breaking the chain of massage. It contains essential oil of rosemary, so it has stimulating and relaxing properties. This product helps to hydrate the skin perfectly.

Oriental sensation oil

Oil made of grape seed oil with tangerine, cinnamon and vanilla in addition to providing the properties of the grape (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants…) acts on the senses creating relaxation and wellbeing. recommended to use with pindas.

Sweet almond massage oil (pure 100%)

Massage sweet almond oil rich in vitamins A and E, proteins, minerals and fatty acids that moisturizes and protects skin. Widely used for massaging their ability to smooth the skin wihout clogging pores.

Saunas Solution

Dresser for sauna solution by mixing one part to two parts water, pour over the hot stones will produce a vapour cloud that would help to sweating and opeinng the airways.

Eumentol solution (Turkish bath)

Turkish bath solution made of eucalyptus oil and menthol flavouring in addition to the cockpit, sweating and helps eliminate toxins through the the skin.

Shower solution (rosemary, exotic fruit, strawberry, orange blossom, lavender, tangerine):

It is a shower solution of sensations upon contact whit hot water and make the cabin environmental of the shower a good time while relaxing.

Conductive gel

Transparent gel, colour lezz and with no microbubbles to increase the conductivity indicated during the application of ultrasound.

Bath salts (lavender, rosemary, exotic fruits)

Bath salts enriched with magnesium sulphate added to the bath to give off a pleasant scent and produce a relaxing effect.

Rose soothing bath

Effervescent tablet which adding to the water hot tub bubbling produces a relaxing and pleasant smelling essential oil of roses.

Shoer gel (rosemary)

Made with rosemary essential oil that allows a careful hygiene. Using this shower gel produces an energizin effect and toning, improving the skin for daily activity. It is cleaning while repecting the skin´s acid mantle of pH 5.5.