Collagen and azulene cream (dry skin)

Mask anti-wrinkle cream, particulary well tolerated by sensitive skin thanks to the soothing virtues of collagen. The contribution of collagen to the epidermis preserved from premature aging.

Plants mask (normal and mixed skins)

Plant extracts gel suitable for combating skin rigidity, which instantly feel a sensation of relaxation. It soothes skin irritation of very sensitive skin.

Camphor mask (greasy skin)

It cleans effectively greasy skin, clearing the pitch and closing pores. Antiseptic action of camphor improves the appearance of these skins, making it less visibles skin granulate.

Fruit mask (ordinary and mixed skin)

Hydrating mask rich in natural vitamins that compose the fruits (apricots and berries), these fruits gives the rate of hydration necessary for all skins. It stimulates and smoothes leaving a sensation of freshness.

Plastic neo mask (mixed skin and dilated pores)

Tensor mask-lifting effect that remodels the oval face, visibly diminishing wrinkles and restoring skin smoothness and radiance.

Aloe vera gel mask (all skins)

Gel mask for all skin types, cell regenerator that accelerates healing. Moisturizing, emollient and epithelializing.